Why We Need a Community Ethics Advisory Board

The Internet Equity Initiative aims to understand gaps in Internet coverage and develop new strategies to deliver equitable, reliable, affordable Internet access to the city of Chicago, particularly in communities that are underserved by broadband Internet. Our research approach needs to be informed by the interests and perspectives of community members to document the state of broadband infrastructure and performance and test alternative Internet solutions in our least connected communities.

IEI is making this Community Ethical Advisory Board to receive ethical guidance, build community support, advance sustainable partnerships, and influence policy and decision-making around Internet equity.

What Do We Want From Potential Board Members?

We are looking for potential board members who have experience in areas such as digital equity, telecommunications, data analysis, community organizing, and policy. We want potential board members who are local experts about their communities, such as those involved in housing, small businesses, teachers, librarians, local restaurants and entertainment, and more. We also want to ensure that the board is comprised of members from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Board members should be committed to advancing digital equity, and they should be willing to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify solutions to issues related to digital inequities. Additionally, we seek board members who are engaged in their communities, listening to community members’ concerns, and helping to educate them about the resources available to them as well as those that can be brought into the community.

How To Apply

Join our Community Ethics Advisory Board! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about promoting ethical practices within our community.

We are accepting applications until July 31st and plan to hold our first board meeting in early Fall 2023.

Apply now and become a part of our team.

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