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Need for Internet Access Support in Chicago

Nicole Marwell
Professor Nicole Marwell discusses the challenges that Chicago faces in promoting digital equity among its communities
Dec 22, 2022
Code Repo

Dollars to Megabits Code Repository

This repository contains code and data supporting the Markup's investigation "Dollars to Megabits: You May Be Paying 400 Times As...
Oct 19, 2022
News Article

Dollars to Megabits, You May Be Paying 400 Times As Much As Your Neighbor for Internet Service

An investigation by The Markup found that ISPs disproportionately offered lower-income and least-White neighborhoods slow internet service for the same...
Oct 19, 2022
Jupyter Notebook

WiFi Bottleneck Data Story Notebook

Antonia Sanhueza, Marc Richardson
A Jupyter Notebook containing the analysis and visualizations underlying the WiFi Bottleneck data story
Oct 13, 2022
Community Resource

Affordable Connectivity Program Enrollment Assistant

A website to assist consumers with ACP enrollment, presented by Education Superhighway
Sep 27, 2022
Community Resource

Affordable Connectivity Program Dashboard

This dashboard visualizes the data released on Affordable Connectivity Program enrollments by the Universal Service Administrative Company
Sep 27, 2022
Community Resource

City of Chicago Digital Equity Resources

Resources promoted by the City of Chicago to assist residents with Internet connectivity, device access, and digital skills training.
Aug 19, 2022